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 A-, also known as "Andrea", is a new character in the Dork Diaries book series and will appear in the 12th book, Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Secret Crush Catastrophe as an exchange student from North Hampton Hills. Nikki Maxwell was appointed to be his student ambassador. 

It is assumed that "Andrea" will turn out to be a male student because Nikki was not exactly sure what his/her name was in the book preview, and the synopsis does reveal, that there will be a new male character.  

It is currently unknown how he looks like, but many readers believe that he is the one in the cover. It is actually, in fact, Brandon Roberts.

It is stated that his name begins with the letter as he always ended his e-mails with Nikki with the signature A-. Some infer that his name will be Andrew or André because of Nikki mixing up the names and assuming the student's name is Andrea or Angie.

Love interests

In the summary, it is hinted that Nikki develops a crush on "Andrea", or vice versa. But either way, it will be a "crush catastrophe", hence the book's name. It is also hinted that Nikki will accidentally hurt Brandon's feelings again.


His family has not been mentioned yet. It is inferred that they are wealthy, due to the fact that he's attending North Hampton Hills.


  • It will take place the last week at Westchester Country Day Middle school.
  • Nikki thinks that 'Andrea' is a girl, because of the fact that she forgets his name.
  • 'Andrea' is currently attending North Hampton Hills and will be a visiting student the last week of WCD.
  • The friendship between Nikki and Brandon may become tested throughout the book.
  • A- will most likely develop a crush on Nikki Maxwell.
  • Nikki maybe will have to choose between Brandon and A-.
  • This book will be released October 17th