Actually, I'm Not Really Sure Yet is a band created by Nikki Maxwell in Pop Star.

The band was created by Nikki and was originally called Dorkalicious. Nikki made the band because she thought that she was going to be kicked out of Westcheseter Country Day Middle School because of Mr. Maxwell not doing his work as a bug exterminator, thus breaking the scholarship deal Mr. Maxwell signed with Westchester.

The band competed in a "Battle of the Bands" competition of the school, which awarded the members a free scholarship at Westchester.

Their band competed against MacKenzie's band, Mac's Maniacs. Mac's Maniacs won the competition, but then Nikki found out that MacKenzie and Jessica Hunter had tricked her and Nikki found out that the tuition bill was fake. Nikki also found out that Trevor thought her band was a lot better then MacKenzie's dance group.

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  1. Nikki Maxwell as lead singer
  2. Zoey Franklin and Chloe Garcia as backup singers
  3. Violet Baker as pianist
  4. Brandon Roberts as drummer
  5. Marcus as guitarist
  6. Theodore Swagmire on bass