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Amanda Hollister is MacKenzie Hollister's sister. She is six years old like Nikki's little sister Brianna whom she is best friends with. Amanda is also friends with Nikki Maxwell.

She has a similar appearance to her sister, MacKenzie.


Amanda was briefly mentioned in the first book after Brianna kicks MacKenzie. In the second book, she was mentioned again. Her first appearance, however, was in the third book at the Queasy Cheesy with MacKenzie and Jessica where she thought Brianna was a popstar and asked for her autograph.

In Dork Diaries 9, Amanda went to the mall with her sister MacKenzie to buy a new uniform. Amanda ends up stealing MacKenzie's wallet so that she could buy herself a poodle-in-a-purse toy. When told to return the toy, Amanda threw a tantrum. Before they left the mall, Amanda eventually got her toy.

In Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter, she told Nikki about MacKenzie's new school, and told her that she was bullied, before being dragged off by MacKenzie.
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She seems to have a very similar personality to that of Brianna Maxwell. The two once interacted with each other near the beginning of the third book, where Amanda thought Brianna was a real pop star and even asked for her autograph. It is revealed in Dork Diaries 9 that Amanda is a fan of Princess Sugar Plum when she asks MacKenzie for a Princess Sugar Plum purse.

Like Brianna, Amanda throws tantrums and can sometimes be mean to her older sister. She is also very bratty and throws a tantrum if she doesn't get her way.


She has long, straight blonde hair with blue almond-shaped eyes, bangs and usually wears two barrettes. She looks similar to her sister, MacKenzie Hollister, except her hair is straight rather than curly. However in the third book, her hair was curly.


  • In the first book, it is revealed that she and her friends go into Mackenzie's room and plays with her makeup.
  • Much like Brianna, she also goes to Queasy Cheesy and MacKenzie's taken her too.
  • In the second book, she dressed up as a witch for Halloween.
  • She does ballet.  
  • It is possible she's in the same class as Brianna.
  • Her first physical appearance is in Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So Talented Pop-Star. However, her hair was long and curly like Mackenzie's rather than straight.
  • Amanda told Mackenzie about Max the Roach.
  • Amanda does not seem mean like MacKenzie.
  • She usually wears a bow in her hair.
  • She is a bratty little sister like Brianna according to MacKenzie

Tips from Mackenzie

  • Wash off makeup right away!
  • Exercise!
  • Get a cross bag!
  • Have a smartphone!
  • Make a big deal if a small thing happened!