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Briandon (Brianna and Brandon) is the friendship pairing between Brianna Maxwell and Brandon Roberts. Although she thinks Brandon has cooties, she still likes him.

Brianna is fully aware that Nikki likes Brandon, teasing her about it.

Brianna also calls Brandon Mr. Cootieguy, because Nikki and Brandon almost kissed at the end of book 3

Briandon Moments

Not-So Popular Party Girl

Not-So Talented Pop Star

  • Brianna tells Brandon about Miss Penelope.
  • Brianna tells him, "You have cooties".

Not-So Graceful Ice Princess

  • Brianna talks on the phone with Brandon about Nikki.
  • Brianna tells him "You have cooties".
  • Brianna gives Brandon a ribbon.
  • Brandon jokes, "This ribbon is cool".
  • Brianna was with Brandon when they found Nikki, Chloe and Zoey.
  • Brandon gave a picture of the puppies.