The CupCakery is a popular Café where they sell pastries, cupcakes, muffins, cakes, milkshakes etc.


The chairs and tables are customized with pearl white and the thin metal is twisted into swirls and hearts. The top walls have flowers painted all over them as ruffles surround the cushions.

Every time the CupCakery is shown, there is the same worker at the counter every time. She wears a CupCakery cap and apron with a thick layer of lipstick. Her hairstyle is similar to Zoey's hairstyle.The lady is shown to have a big smile plastered across her face.


In Tales From A Not-So Dorky Drama Queen, Brandon invites Nikki to the CupCakery through a letter, but MacKenzie takes the letter from Nikki's locker before she can read it.

After school, the time Nikki was supposed to meet Brandon, MacKenzie spied on Brandon and watched how he waited for Nikki at the CupCakery for hours, hinting that he was desperate for her to forgive him.

Three days later, MacKenzie puts the letter back onto Nikki's locker, messing up with their friendship/relationship when Nikki thought that Brandon invited her to the CupCakery. She waited for him at the CupCakery for two hours, When he didn't come, she gave up and left. Marking the end of their relationship.

In Tales From A Not-So Perfect Pet Sitter, Nikki and Brandon hang out at the CupCakery together and share a red velvet cupcake, but as they were about to have their second kiss, MacKenzie abruptly interrupts them by jumping in between them and accidently slamming their cupcake in her hair and down her face.

In Tales From A Not-So Secret Crush Catastrophe. André, a foreign exchange student, gave Nikki a cinnamon bun roll,a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice from the CupCakery.

At Queasy Cheesy, he bought her french chocolate pastries from the Café. Later on, Chloe and Zoey enter Queasy Cheesy and it's later on revealed that Chloe's obsessed with chocolate pastries.

When Chloe and Zoey barge into Queasy Cheesy, they show Nikki and Brandon a photo of Tiffany, André, and MacKenzie at the CupCakery together.