Dork Diaries: OMG! All About Me Diary! is a journal to get to know yourself.[1] Inside the book, there is a question to answer every day of the year with some answers from Nikki.

This is the only book that's not a story, it is a journal, like Nikki's. It was released on October 1, 2013.


Narrate your very own Dork Diary with this write-in journal, filled with questions for every day and complete with art and quotes from Nikki Maxwell herself!

As Nikki Maxwell knows, keeping a journal is a great way to get to know the most important person in your life: YOU! This special Dork Diaries guided journal features questions for every day of the year.

Official Summary (from the book)

What's the best way to get to know yourself?

a) Stare in a mirror
b) Ask your BFFs to write an essay about you
c) Keep a diary

OMG, the answer is totally C! As Nikki Maxwell knows, writing a diary is a GREAT way to keep track of everything in YOUR life. And in this special diary, Nikki asks and you answer... If you could swap places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why? What TV show are you totally obsessed with? Write down your secret thoughts, take revealing quizzes and get to know the most important person in your life: YOU! 


  • In the american version of Dork Diaries 9, there is a question labeled 'Nikki asks and YOU answer!'