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Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After (also known as Once Upon a Dork) is the 8th Dork Diaries book, taking place in April. It is stated to be released on September 30, 2014. It is canon to the book series with the only exception being that it only takes place on April 1st. The diary entries will not be each day but chronologically in time on the April Fools' Day.


After a bump on the head by a dodgeball thrown by MacKenzie in gym class on April Fool’s Day, Nikki Maxwell has a wild dream in which she, her BFFs Chloe Garcia and Zoey Franklin, her crush Brandon Roberts, and mean girl MacKenzie all end up playing the roles of some familiar classic fairy tale characters. Of course, the stories don’t go quite as expected—because they each have a very special Dork Diaries spin!


After a bump on the head by a dodge ball thrown by her arch-nemesis Mackenzie Hollister, Nikki Maxwell finds herself in a dream. There she meets the Munchkins who say she saved them from being bullied by Mackenzie, The Wicked Witch Of The West.

There she also meets Brianna who claims to be her fairy-godmother. With minor help from Brianna she is able to make it. She also meets Goldilocks (a.k.a Chloe Garcia)and Red Riding Hood (a.k.a Zoey Franklin. With the help of everyone she able to make it to the castle where she meets Prince Brandon.

3 Nikki and Brandon Dance at Ball


  • In Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life, Nikki Maxwell states that Mrs. Peach, the Westchester Country Day Middle School librarian, announced she was taking six of her most hardworking and committed Library Shelving Assistants (LSAs) on a trip to New York to participate in National Library Week and meet famous writers. Mrs. Peach also announced that it would take place in April. Book 8 is most likely to take place in April, so in the book, we may see Nikki and her friends go to New York City. However, after the plot was announced, it is assumed that this is just an extra book and will only take place on the first of April.
  • MacKenzie had thrown a dodgeball right in Nikki's face which knocked her unconscious.
  • Brandon is shown to be very romantic and caring towards Nikki both in her dream and reality.
  • This is one of the only books to take place in 1 day, the other being Dork Diaries: How to Dork Your Diary.