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Jordyn is a character on Dork Diaries. She sits behind Nikki in geometry class. She told Nikki about the Sweetheart Dance, and she has a crush on Matt. This girl might be the added character of a real life girl named Jordyn who won Rachel Renee Russell's contest.


Jordyn first and only appearance was in Tales From a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker when she tells Nikki about the dance. She also figured out that MacKenzie stole Brandon Roberts' phone.


Jordyn appears to be a very nice girl who is friends with Nikki and possibly Brandon. She seems to dislike MacKenzie and was very excited about the Sweetheart Dance.


Jordyn has long wavy black hair held back by a headband. She may be African American, but this is unknown to the book.From her appearance , she is the type of casual girl ( from the clothes she is wearing when she tells Nikki about the Dance) and she is also boyish (at the Sweetheart Dance her hair is as usual ).



Jordyn's family has not been touched in Dork Diaries.


Jordyn's friends include Nikki Maxwell and (possibly) Brandon Roberts.

Love Interest

It is not said in any of the books that Jordyn has a love interest towards CCP bad boy Matt. It is simply assumed by the fandom.

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