aka Taylor Emily Unicorn

  • I live in Narnia wear the unicorns live!
  • My occupation is Blogger, Hair dyer, Scrapbooker, Glitter Critter, Twin, Student, Dork, Kisaragi Academy Student, Nice Witch, Pegasus, Westchester Student
  • I am A unicorn
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  • Hello! Welcome to my Fabulous Profile! Leave me a message if you want to chat or ask me something! If they are anything you want to ask me about where I get my rare Dork diaries pics, or all the rage about the 8th and 9th book? Here's the place!
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  • Welcome to the The Dork Diaries Wiki!

    Hello Lovehugs, and welcome to the Dork Diaries Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Nikki Maxwell page. :)

    If you're new to Wikia, read Help:Editing to know the standards of editing. Once you do, you can start editing! Simply click the "Edit" button to do so.

    After publishing a few edits, why don't you introduce yourself to the wiki by posting a blog? Chances are that a few users will comment on it!

    Don't forget to read the guidelines of the wiki before doing anything you're not sure of. Lastly, have fun and remember that the Dork Diaries Wiki admins are always here to help you when you need it!

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