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What's up with him? He's acting like his best friend just DIED

– André to Nikki about Brandon

André is the pairing of Nikki and André. André makes his first appearance in Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Secret Crush Catastrophe. He attended Westchester Country Day as a visiting student from North Hampton Hills due to the program was so popular.


Tales from a Not-So-Secret Crush Catastrophe

Nikki was chosen to be a student ambassador for the visiting student (aka André). However, she thinks his name is Andrea or Angie, thinking that he is a girl. And when she discovers that he is a guy, she becomes embarrassed and runs to the bathroom, where she texted her friends, Chloe Garcia, and Zoey Franklin, that a super cute guy just arrived.

Later, in biology, the teacher placed André in Brandon's original seat. When Brandon came to the classroom and saw André in his seat, he was not happy and gave him an icy glare. He glanced at Nikki and gave her a look that said 'WHO is this guy, and WHY is he in MY seat?!'.

The teacher then placed Brandon with MacKenzie, making him very annoyed.

Everyone thinks that Nikki and André are a couple, due to pictures that Mackenzie and Tiffany took that have been circulating online. Mackenzie and Tiffany uploaded them online, under the names of luvmylipgloss (MacKenzie) and SelfieChick (TIffany). They started degrading conversations in the comments with each other.

Brandon, over time, becomes increasingly upset and envious of André. Thinking that he´s crushing on Nikki and that Nikki feels the same, Mackenzie shows Brandon pictures of Nikki and André in which he becomes jealous and stares at Nikki the rest of the lesson. When Nikki looked back, he just avoided eye contact.

Later, Nikki tries to solve the problem between her guy friends. She writes a letter to Brandon about how she's sorry about not hanging out with him or helping out with the Fuzzy friends website and suggesting that they should hang out at Queasy Cheesy. She writes another letter to André about that she's having second thoughts about traveling to Paris with him and that they should just stay as friends.

The envelopes ended getting mixed up and they both got each other letter, both were confused. André thought that Nikki felt the same as him, he brought balloons and pastries from The Cupcakery to celebrate.

Brandon on the other hand thought that he got friendzoned and was sad, but he came to Queasy Cheesy to order pizza where he saw Nikki.

André and Brandon started arguing about Nikki and she got ticked off, thinking that they acted like 3-year-olds.



The Nandré location is at The Cupcakery, because André had always been bringing Nikki pastries from there.


The Nandré color is blue, because both characters are artistic. Blue is considered the most artistic color in which it promotes creativity.


The André shipping song is Hopeless by Khalid.

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