Patrick "Pat" Clark is described as the "boy version of MacKenzie" by Nikki. He is very rude to others and studies at Westchester Country Day Middle School. Pat was introduced in this blog, and has only appeared in one other one.


Due to Patrick being described the boy version of MacKenzie Hollister, it can be assumed that he has a loud, snobby rich boy personality, is rich and wears designer clothes like MacKenzie. He used to like MacKenzie until she called him a loser. He started bullying MacKenzie, which implies that he may not choose the best outlets for dealing with his feelings.


Patrick is a bully who is considered to behave more inhumanely than MacKenzie. He steals, bad-mouths others (especially MacKenzie), and went as far as reading a student named Emma's diary aloud to everyone. He also called Zoey "fat" in one of Nikki's blog stories which enrages Nikki, calling him cold-hearted and rude.


According to Nikki, Patrick has beady eyes, flat ironed hair, a cocky smirk, designer jeans, and an expensive watch. He first appeared on the blog on the Dork Diaries website.



Although there is no mention of Patrick's family, it can be assumed that he resides with a parent figure of some sort or, they are hinted to be very rich due to the fact how Patrick is shown to talk, clothes and hair.


Patrick's friends (who Nikki dubs as his henchmen) are constantly helping him plan ways to make MacKenzie feel miserable. It is said that his friends are jocks.

Love Interest

Patrick had a Massive crush on MacKenzie. Before Christmas break, she called him a loser in front of everyone, which caused him to start harassing her. He had also stuffed trash in her locker mentioned in Nikki's blog. It is lightly hinted that he has a crush on Nikki considering the fact he doesn't make fun of her.


  • Patrick Clark has only appeared in the blog posts Rachel Renée Russell writes on the official Dork Diaries website.
  • It's not known if he'll ever appear in the book series, although there is another character with the same first name in Book 11.
  • It is slightly hinted that he maybe has a thing for Nikki