The Deadly Doodle Dude, written by Imagood Drawer, is a fictional book featured in Dork Diaries that Chloe is obsessed with. The book first appeared in How to Dork Your Diary and was mentioned in Tales From a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All..


This talented artist is obsessed with drawing this supercute guy she had made up in her mind. Then one day he shows up at her school as a new student. And he can read her thoughts.

The doodle dude seems really nice until her crush, Hunk Finn, an even cuter guy in her art class, sketches her for a class project and shares a double-fudge chocolate cupcake with her.

When Doodle Dude starts acting scary jealous, the artist decides she has no choice but to secretly erase all her drawings to get rid of Doodle Dude.

Then the artist totally freaks out when Doodle Dude steals all her erasers so she can't erase him. And then Doodle Dude starts eating paper to gain superpowers and immortality.

– Chloe describing the book

Chloe describes him as "Doodly".