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The Dork Diaries Wiki site policies are expected to be followed. Not reading them is no excuse for breaking them. If you break them, you will be blocked for a minimum of a week. 

  1. Not having read these policies are not an excuse.
  2. You are expected to treat all members, contributors and users with kindness.

Unacceptable behavior

  1. Editing other user pages besides your own without permission.
  2. Inserting false information or posting vulgar comments. This is known as vandalism.
  3. Insulting, harassing, embarrassing, or threatening other users.
  4. Advertising for other websites and/or fanfictions.
  5. Ship war (bashing ships that you dislike)
  6. Adding sexually explicit content or pictures.
  7. Removing information or content from pages based on your dislikes. This is considered vandalism.
  8. Any swearing or profanity is considered unacceptable and will result in a week-long block. Not knowing is not an excuse.
  9. Having multiple accounts without a valid reason. This is considered sock puppetry. This also includes posing as someone you are not.
Not following these policies will lead to one warning, and if behavior continues, a block.