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Tiffany Blaine Davenport is a popular girl from the school North Hampton Hills, where Mackenzie and Nikki transfer to. Tiffany was Nikki's first friend in NHH when Tiffany greeted her to the school. Her two friends, Hayley and Ava, were also Nikki's friends.


Tiffany is portrayed as an even bigger bully than MacKenzie. Tiffany, Hayley and Ava all stop being Nikki's friend when Tiffany shoves a Science Club member, Patrick when sending a text to someone. They all accuse Patrick of body slamming Tiffany and Nikki says that Tiffany slammed into Patrick. Tiffany becomes mean to MacKenzie and Nikki and MacKenzie and Nikki team up and become frenemies. Tiffany is also Nikki's frenemy.


Tiffany is self-centered, entitled, manipulative girl, much like her counterpart, MacKenzie Hollister. She is constantly taking selfies of herself, commenting on how fabulous and pretty she is. Later on, in the 12th book it was revealed that her mom knew that Tiffany cyberbullies people and does the community service in the summer, which Tiffany hates.


Physical Traits

Tiffany has long hair that is put up into a half-ponytail and curled at the ends. She also has bangs. Her hair and eye color are currently unknown.


Although students are required to wear uniforms at North Hampton Hills High, Tiffany's appearence is unique, she is illustrated wearing expensive heels and complex up-dos. It is assumed she wears designer clothing outside of school, similar to MacKenzie.



Tiffany has a step-brother named Andre (book 12). Since Andre is her step-brother, her parents should be divorced. Nikki was a student-ambassador and brought Andre around as an exchange student, leading her and Mackenzie to sabotage their friendship between André, Nikki, and Brandon


No pet(s) of Tiffany's was mentioned in book 11 nor the previous book. 


The only girls who socialize with Tiffany are Ava and Haley. All three enjoy tormenting their peers and do not only limit to girls, like MacKenzie. They are seen physically hurting a boy by running into him and tease the "nerds" at the school. It is possible that Ava and Haley are fake friends of Tiffany, just like Jessica was to MacKenzie.

Love Interest

Tiffany does not reveal a crush or looks to have feelings for anyone yet.


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