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Zeo (Theodore and Zoey) is the romantic pairing of Theodore Swagmire and Zoey Franklin. They are good friends and possibly may be dating.

Theo, had a crush on Mackenzie Hollister at first, but after receiving heartbreak back, he then developed a crush on Zoey.

It is currently unknown if they are dating¨or not, since it hasn't been revealed yet.

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Tales From a Not-So-Popular Party Girl

  • They were both part of the Halloween dance clean-up crew.
  • They both attended the Halloween dance.

Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star

Tales From a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker

  • Theodore and Zoey were cracking jokes and goofing off at the Actually I'm Not Really Sure Yet band meeting. Nikki also later noticed them flirting with each other after the band meeting.
  • Zoey asked Theo to the Sweetheart Dance and he accepted.
  • They took a picture together and slow danced together at the end of Tales From a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker.
  • They may have kissed at the end of the book at the dance, but it's unknown.